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Open Source Radio Interoperability for Amateur Radio

The Xelatec XIPAR project combines the Asterisk® VoIP PBX with radio interface software and hardware that provides the following for Amateur Radio stations and systems:

- A Full Function Multi-Site Linking Repeater Controller with Touch Tone Command and Control
- Autopatch featuring Reverse Call and VOX Operation
- Multiple CTCSS Decode/Encode Functions
- Asterisk VoIP Private Branch Telephone Exchange with Voice Mail and Announcements
- Contact Closure Telemetry and Announcements
- Non-Proprietary Software and Hardware based on the Open Source Linux Operating System
- A Fully Configurable and Programmable Communications Solution

Our network installation gets your XIPAR station on the air faster than ever!
And control your XIPAR nodes with the latest version of the iaxRpt PTT Dispatch software available here.

For more information join us on-line for one of our free Sessions and Meetings.

Asterisk® is a registered trademark of Digium, Inc.

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