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iaxRpt - PTT Radio Dispatch Client

This application is a special purpose IAX2/GUI client with PTT, COR and Scan used to control one or more radios at one or more locations that are connected to an Asterisk server with the app_rpt radio modules. The XIPAR project provides a popular Asterisk based Radio Over IP server package.

Click Here to Download the iaxRpt 01.01.46 Installer for Windows. This version was released January 10, 2011. Both the .zip and .exe versions are available as links at the bottom of this page.

We recommend that you install and use the newest version. You do not have to uninstall a previous version of iaxRPT to update. Simply install the new version. The installation is designed to update the program and not overwrite your existing node settings when you install newer versions.

Using iaxRPT is fairly simple. The user configures accounts for connections and then selects the radio site to connect to in the Node/Site list, then clicks the CONNECT button.

Once connected, the user will hear all of the remote site radio receive audio on the speaker or headset attached to the PC sound card.

To key the radio at the remote site, the user presses the Ctrl key on his keyboard and speaks into a microphone attached to the PC sound card.

When the user is finished speaking, the Ctrl key is released and the transmitter is unkeyed at the remote site.

Alternatively an external USB footswitch or even a USB game controller can be used as a PTT switch if enabled in the iaxRpt Device Preferences.

When the user is finished, the user clicks the DISCONNECT button and this tears down the connection to the remote site.

Setup of Asterisk Server for iaxRPT Connections

If you properly answered the questions at install time, the Asterisk/EVB w/app_rpt installer automatically enters the necessary information in the configuration files "iax_rpt_custom.conf" and "extensions_rpt_custom.conf" for your node . Otherwise you will have to edit or create and include these files manually into your dialplan along the lines of the example link below.

Connection Setup in the iaxRPT Client

From the iaxRpt menu Options, Accounts dialog box, add a new Account and then:

1. Set the Account Name field to the node number you wish to connect to.
2. Set the Host field to the host IP address or FQDN you wish to connect to.
3. Set the Username field to "gui".
4. Set the Password and Confirm fields to match the password you set in iax.conf.

The current version provides an option under the selection, Options, Preferences, Links to enter "Startup Links" and "Permanent Links". These lists are comma separated node numbers that are automatically connected when iaxRpt starts.

Scanning is prioritized. Meaning that if you are connected to 4 nodes and node 4 keys up, you hear its audio. However if there is a key up on a node with a lower position in the list (e.g. listed node 2) it will become active in priority to the 4th node.

The selection and display of the active node in the list for PTT also is more clear and reliable.

You can use Options, Preferences, Misc, Call Appearances to set how many nodes you can connect to simultaneously. I have mine set to 14 and have connected to as many as 10 nodes at a time. Make sure you have the IP bandwidth to handle that many connections!

Note that with current versions of app_rpt voice packets are only sent over the network when a node is keyed so the bandwidth consumption is minimized. You may see a Windows error when exiting the program. Please ignore this error and don't report it to Microsoft ;)

setup_iaxrpt_xipar_010146.zip2.18 MB
setup_iaxrpt_xipar_010146.exe2.21 MB