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iaxRpt Help

Because the use of iaxRpt so is tightly integrated with each radio system's operational plan, this link should be replaced with one specific to your system.

Contact your System Administrator or Help Desk and ask them to link your help request to the appropriate documentation.

You can contact Xelatec for additional assistance.

Now having said that, here is some generic iaxRpt help.

First for the System Administrator, iaxRpt must be configured under O)ptions, A)ccounts information to connect to one or more radio servers. In O)ptions, D)evices, the microphone input device and volume level and the PTT input devices must be configured.

Users should note that the radio Push-To-Talk function can be activated either by 1) Selecting the iaxRpt application and pressing the Ctrl key, 2) clicking the iaxRpt on-screen Transmit button, 3) pressing an external USB foot switch.

The on-screen Transmit button changes its color to red to indicate that the transmitter is activated.

If the iaxRpt on-screen Transmit button is used to activate the transmitter, it must be clicked again to turn off the transmitter and listen to the other radio user's reply.

Multiple sites and radio channels may be simultaneously connected. Pressing the PTT button will activate the currently selected call's transmitter. If multiple radio connections are active, pressing the Scan button will cause iaxRpt to automatically select a Busy call. A call priority feature is provided such that if the Scan function selects Call 3 and radio traffic on Call 1 occurs, iaxRpt will automatically de-select Call 3 and select Call 1.

The ten (10) One Touch keys to the right of the dialing digits can be programmed through the Directory to automatically send command sequences to the radio network. This can be used to link radio sites, obtain status information, change radio channels or frequencies and start and stop transmission logging.