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XIPAR Internet Install Released 2013-02-23

This is the current version of the Xelatec Open Source IP Telecommunications (XOSIPT) package including the XIPAR Amateur Radio server.

This version is based on Centos 6, Asterisk 1.4.44, FreePBX 2.9 and Webmin 1.62.

We say "Thank You" to all of the XOSIPT users who have carefully reported issues and made great suggestions for the new features in this version.

This is a network install. That means that an ISO image file must be downloaded and written to a CDROM or USB Flash drive and used to boot the target computer. From there, you select a specific XOSIPT version to download and install from our website. The installation options include the operating system and all XOSIPT Voice Over IP and Radio Over IP applications.

To start, read these important instructions for amateur radio operators.

Then, download this image file and write it to either a CDROM or USB Flash drive.

Connect your computer to your network which must provide the computer with an IP address and broadband Internet access (especially with port 3690 unblocked for connection to our source code repository).

Install or attach your radio interface. It must be present for the installation to work properly. However it does not have to be connected to a radio.

Set your computer BIOS to boot to the CDROM or USB Flash drive first and then the hard drive. Insert the CDROM or USB Flash drive and restart the computer.

When the installation boot message appears please wait a few seconds and the installation will continue.

Then follow the instructions and prompts that appear on the console. The Operating System installation will ask to reboot after about 45 minutes. Remove the installation CDROM or USB Flash drive at this time. Then after rebooting, the installation will continue and take another hour. The times given are approximations and depend on your Internet connection and processor speeds.