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2075 - W9SH - Johns Creek, Georgia, USA

Node 2075 is connected to a simplex UHF-FM transceiver on 446.100 with 77.0 Hz CTCSS encode and decode. The computer is an IBM Netvista P3-866 machine with a USB interface to the radio.

It includes a hardware crosslink to another computer running IRLP node 4420. The crosslink hardware combines and routes audio and PTT/COR signals using summing node op amp mixers and diode-transistor logic.

This computer is also my home Asterisk PBX server with a SIP connection to the public telephone network via Axvoice. It also handles incoming Free World Dialup calls. Through Asterisk with app_rpt I can call in from my Sprint PCS cellphone and connect to either the AllStar or IRLP network.

Hardware crosslink

What kind of hardware are you using to crosslink to IRLP 4420?