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Suggested Future Meeting Topics

Participants suggested the following topics for future meetings:

Getting started with FOSS Radio over IP,
Connecting WebRTC Calls to Conferences,
Google Voice Integration,
DTMF Pass Through on Local Repeat Audio,
Controller Enhancements,
Using XIPAR for radio control and a home QTH phone system,
Router configuration for VoIP and RoIP,
Traffic Shaping and Quality of Service Issues,
Modifying USB Audio Adapters for XIPAR,
Connecting to Radio Transceivers,
Configurations for Multiple Radios and Nodes per Server,
Troubleshooting Techniques including Reading Logs
SIP Deskphone Vendors and Products,
Softphone selection and installation,
Using the Asterisk Command Line Interface (CLI),
Macros and Configurations in rpt.conf,
Making recordings for Asterisk,
Text to Speech and Speech to Text,
Linux Operating System Basics,
IPV6 Implementation,
Mobile XIPAR Applications,
3G/4G USB Sticks,
Thin Clients and Alternate Hardware,
VoIP PSTN Vendor Selection and Trunk Configuration,
How To Configure a new WAN Repeater Node,
Bridging Asterisk/AllStar with Echolink, IRLP, D-Star and DMR (N1DOT),
Web Services and Page Design for Radio over IP (K4KWQ),
Centos Based Router, NTP (w/GPS) Server (KD4LPU),
Using ssh, putty, rsa and tunnels.
Dialplan scripts for reverse 911 calling.

Feel free to add your own suggestions as comments below.

USB Fob Install

I would like to see a Full Install for the uri or usb interface, to include how to find the uri, and what port and also include the radio Tune.

Thanks Tim