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IP Wired and Wireless Communications.

Xelatec VoIP and RoIP Products and Services

Xelatec designs, manufactures, markets and supports complete Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Radio Over IP (RoIP) telecommunications interoperability solutions through an innovative and unique combination of products and services.

The Xelatec XIPBX Server provides a full-featured VoIP IP-PBX backed by Xelatec support and service.

The XIPPR suite of Servers, Interfaces and Systems features a fully functional Multi-Site Ready, Multi-Channel, Private Land Mobile Radio PTT Repeater Controller complete with CTCSS, DCS and LTR® signaling native to the controller. A XIPPR system uses VoIP technology and includes an IP-PBX which bridges communications between PTT radios and private and public calls and conferences as well as PC based Radio Dispatch Clients.

Xelatec empowers customers to build on standard commodity technologies to create application specific systems with a very rapid return on investment. Of special interest is that these solutions offer outstanding performance and are extremely cost-effective.

Additionally, Xelatec provides services to educate organizations and assist them in the realization of an IP telecommunications system that meets their specific needs.

Get the XIPBX Free Community Edition Voice Over IP Server Software

Get the XIPPR Free Community Edition Radio Over IP Server Software

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